Mara KORPER | Single Tickets & Tightarse Tuesday

Single seats are now available for this Friday night's (14th May) performance of Mara KORPER! Seats will be within a large Glasshouse booth, and will be shared with members outside of your booking party. Tickets are $45 F / $30 C.

Looking to save money on your group booking? Our Tightarse Tuesday promo is now live! Put in the code MOTHERLOVER20 at checkout and save 20% on small and large booths for next Tuesday's (18th May) performance.


Mara KORPER is a brand new sci-fi extravaganza from Citizen Theatre set in a futuristic, dystopian world where gender is obsolete and a shadowy authoritarian government keeps strict control over its citizens. ⁠

Join us on this epic journey into the future picking up where Orwell and Huxley left off. 12-22 May

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