Theatre, like life, will be a little different in the age of Covid.


From now until it is safe to do otherwise, Theatre Works will be a spatially distanced theatre, and the masks of comedy and tragedy will be joined by face masks.


Theatre Works is a COVID-Safe business, and our procedures follow strict guidelines set by the VIC State Government and Live Performance Australia. By registering on arrival, you agree to follow our COVID-Safe plan and to follow direction from Theatre Works staff.


This is how your trip to Theatre Works will work:



First of all, if you’re feeling unwell, please stay at home.


Upon booking a TW Glasshouse booth for a performance, your group will receive a unique entry time to head into the theatre. Please ensure you are on time to the venue to allow for a smooth and safe theatre experience.

When you arrive at the venue, we will confirm your contact details and get in touch with you via the Theatre Works Glasshouse App to let you know when it is your turn to enter - and later exit - the venue.


All staff and patrons will be required to wear masks while at Theatre Works to ensure the safest experience possible. Please put on your mask from the street before you enter the venue.

You will need to wear a mask unless you have a legitimate medical reason. If you have forgotten your mask, we can sell you a standard medical mask for $4 from the TW bar.


As soon as you enter the Theatre Works foyer, you will be able to access two hands-free hand-sanitising stations. We encourage you and your party to make use of them when you enter and exit the venue.


Everyone who visits Theatre Works is required by law to register for contact tracing, we have made this easy through our TW Glasshouse App and we ask that you share the app with all of your accompanying theatre friends attending with you. 

You will also be able to sign in at the venue with a QR code.

We also encourage patrons to download the Aus Government's COVID-Safe App and leave it running during your visit.


Through the TW Glasshouse app, not only can tickets be purchased before your arrival, but you can also browse our full bar menu. By ordering and paying for drinks and snacks before your arrival, you will enjoy a full contactless experience at Theatre Works; your pre-ordered menu items will be waiting for you in your booth when you arrive.


If you want to order more food and drink during the performance, simply message our friendly FOH staff through the Glasshouse app and we will deliver the items to you. Simply pay on your way out with our contactless POS systems!


The contactless entry and pre ordered beverages allow you to enter straight into the theatre. As you have an allocated arrival time your viewing box will be lit and you can follow the way finding to take your seats


With a maximum of 48 patrons in the theatre at any time (separated by perspex Glasshouse booths), the updated Theatre Works hall complies with square metre density regulation and 1.5m physical distancing.

Essential pre-bookings and limited ticket numbers will ensure the venue is always operating at a safe capacity.


Your exposure to other patrons within the theatre is minimised thanks to the safety of your own, isolated perspex Glasshouse booth. Regularly and deeply cleaned between performances, these perspex booths are the safest way to keep you and the performers safe, without compromising the live experience.

Feel safe knowing you're sharing your booth with people you'd invite into your own home.


Using the bathroom? Of course you can. We ask that only one person at a time heads back to the foyer to use the bathrooms. Our usher will direct you through your return visit being as sensitive as possible to the performance.


All high-contact and high-traffic areas of the bar, foyer, toilets and theatre will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with hospital-grade cleaning products before, during and after your arrival to Theatre Works.


Tell us if something doesn’t feel quite right or you can think of a better way for us to do something. We are learning and trying our best and you might just have a brilliant idea we haven’t thought of yet. 

Email [email protected] and we will implement as many of the good ideas as we can – within reason and within our budget.