Glasshouse is an inmate in-the-round setting for chamber performance of all genres and forms.  12 custom made booths put the comfort and safety of the audience and performer at the forefront without compromising the experience at the theatre.  Patrons are able to book exclusive perspex booths for themselves and their guests.  

Glasshouse allows audiences to invite the people they would trust in their house to ours.

The innovative Glasshouse site design and the works programmed within are shaped specifically to bring the community back together, to allow audiences to look across the room at other people, to look directly in the eyes of the performers and know that they are connected through cultural experience.  They are connected in this time and space but they are also safe.  Theatre Works is a resilient organisation with a 40 year legacy wherein the wellbeing of the community is at the forefront of it’s practice.  That community is artists and audience alike. 

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